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The main organizer of the 18th EWRS Symposium is Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, the leading agricultural research institution in Slovenia.

A public research institute founded in 1898, it is the oldest institution of its kind in Slovenia. It comprehensively covers the entire scope of modern agriculture and has also expanded into ecology and environmental protection.

Areas of work:

  • Crop and seed science and vegetable production;
  • Genetics, breeding, maintenance breeding, and gene banks for food and agriculture;
  • Animal production (cattle production, pig production, apiculture);
  • Fruit growing, viticulture, and oenology;
  • Plant protection;
  • Control of the fertility and quality of agricultural land;
  • Agricultural ecology;
  • Soil use and protection;
  • Agricultural engineering and energy production;
  • Analysis of soil, mineral, and organic fertilisers, animal feed, honey, pesticide residue, and pesticides;
  • Analysis of wine, must, and spirits;
  • Agriculture economics.

The Institute carries out basic, applied and developmental research projects; expert tasks determined by law; laboratory and infrastructure services; consultancy; supervision and control of the quality of agricultural products and products used in agriculture; training and postgraduate education of researchers; publication of the findings and results of its research, expert, and control tasks.

The Institute enhances scientific and professional excellence in agricultural and related sciences by investing in know-how and research capabilities. It cooperates with many domestic institutions and renowned institutions in Europe and beyond, in particular in the US, China, Brazil, and the Republic of South Africa. International cooperation is centred on European projects, in which the Institute has also excelled as project coordinator in FP7  and currently also in Horizon 2020. Agricultural Institute of Slovenia collaborates also in several international projects founded by different EU mechanisms and number of bilateral and multilateral projects.

Agricultural research, cooperation with the industry, education on all levels, the transfer of know-how and technology into the end-user practice, and raising public awareness are activities that strengthen the Institute’s role in the development of agriculture.

Agricultural Institute of Slovenia / Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije

Hacquetova ulica 17, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
E-mail: ewrs@kis.si
Coordinates: 46.060656, 14.518442